JA-.22 LR / JA - .25 Auto

Extra Magazines Available

Model: JA-.22LR/.25Auto
3.2 in.


.875 in.
13 Oz.
5 in.
Barrel Length:
2.5 in.
Suggested Retail:
Features: The Jimenez Arms .22 L.R. and the J.A. .25 Auto are considered the most enjoyable of the current Jimenez Arms lineup. These two pistols, which are of nearly identical stature, are designed to be not only visually appealing but a dream to shoot. As soon as you put a few downrange you'll notice the J.A. .22 L.R.'s and the J.A. .25 Auto's easy recoil. This is a wonderful feature for those just getting into the sport of handgunning. These pistols are an excellent balance of looks, accuracy, comfort and price. Also, all Jimenez Arms firearms include a cocked indicator which allows bystanders as well as the shooter to visually confirm that the pistol is in its firing position.


JA-Nine JA-.380 JA-.22LR/.25Auto

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