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Our #1 Goal: To be your first choice for guns and firearms accessories

Shining Star Investments, LLC  (SSI) would like to welcome it’s services to Independent Sports Supply (ISS) customers who are looking for the same personalized service they have been accustomed to with ISS. Shining Star Investments, LCC has been serving gun dealers nationwide since 2004. Our mission from day one was to serve the smaller gun dealer, who often times is overlooked by the larger wholesale gun distributors, and to provide guns and firearms accessories that offer good profit margins and quick turns. We treat each customer, big or small, the same. You won’t find any other distributor willing to give you the attention to service like SSI.

Benefits you can expect from Shining Star Investments, LLC:

  • Service second to none
  • Access to firearms that may only be allocated to big retailers
  • No minimum order
  • No credit card fees
  • You’ll see a real difference between price and value
  • Orders shipped when promised



Real-Time Inventory


Charles Daly 301 Pump Shotgun (930.294) 210
Charles Daly AR-12S Semi Auto Shotgun Synthetic (930.190) 32
Bond ArmsQty
Chiappa FirearmsQty
Chiappa (CLPM9-22) 10 Shot Mag 2
CHIAPPA 1873-22 10RND BLK (340.155) 5
Inland MFGQty
CLP30-15-ILM 3


Private: Multi-Fit Holster (GTHL15098TNR) 1
Multi-Fit Holster (GTHL15099TNR) 3
Multi-Fit Holster RH Size S/M 98 (GTHL15098PNKR) 5
Hi-Point AccessoriesQty
$100 Currency Pattern Grips for Hi-Point 380/9 (GRP380/9$100) 3
$100 Currency Pattern Grips for Hi-Point 40/45 (GRP40/45$100) 2
380 Carbine 10 Shot (CLP 380C) 12
BSA 4×32 Scope & Rings 1
BSA Red Dot Scope 30mm (carbine) 30
Carbon Fiber Grips for HP 380/9MM (GRP380/9CF) 3
Carbon Fiber Grips for HP 40/45 (GRP40/45CF) 3
CLP10C Mag 20
CLP40P Mag 15
CLP45P Mag 20
CLP995 Mag 20
CLP9C/380 Mag 5
Compensator 4095/4595 (4095TS/4595TS) 1
Country Girl Grips for HP 380/9MM (GRP380/9CG) 7
Dual Mag Carrier 4095TS/4595TS (50001) 20
Dual Mag Carrier for 995TS/3895TS (00005) 20
FFG (60001) Hi-Point Carbine Forward Folding Grip 15
Hi-Point 10mm Carbine Mag 10 Shot (1095TS MAG) 25
HI-Point 3/4 .22 Accessory Ring (2234) 13
Hi-Point 9mmCarbine Mag 10 Shot (CLP9mmC) 12
Laserlyte trigger-guard-mount laser for Hi Point pistols (LLTGM) 1
Pink Camo Grips for Hi-Point 40/45 (GRP40/45CG) 3
Pro Pack 40 Kit 20
Pro Pack 45 Kit 20
Pro Pack 9 Kit 20
Snakeskin Pattern Grips for HP 380/9MM (GRP380/9SS) 3
Snakeskin Pattern Grips for HP 40/45 Pistol (GRP40/45/SS) 3
US FLAG Grips for Hi-Point 380/9mm (GRP380/9FLG) 3
US FLAG Grips for Hi-Point 40/45 (GRP40/45FLG) 2
EDC Slim Leather Wallet / Card Holder–3% WE THE PEOPLE 1
EDC Slim Leather Wallet / Card Holder–MOLON LABE 1
Magnetic Force Holsters IWB/OWB Soft Carry **AMBIDEXTROUS** 18
LULA AK-47 / GALIL Loader & Unloader (LU12B) 14
US PeaceKeeperQty
US PeaceKeeper Shooting Mat (P20301) 3

Investing In Your Profitability™

Shining Star Investments, LLC is a wholesale distributor of firearms to Federal Firearms Licensed dealers. You can count on SSI to carry the shooting brands you need to make a profit! Order from our REAL-TIME Available Inventory above.


If you already do business with us, “Thank you” for your business and continued support. If you would like to do business with us please take a few minutes to register right now as a FFL gun dealer. Don’t want to register today but still have questions? Just give us a call, toll free, at 1-866-906-7356 and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.


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